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Melt blowing is a conventional fabrication method of micro- and nanofibers where a polymer melt is extruded through small nozzles surrounded by high speed blowing gas. The randomly deposited fibers form a nonwoven sheet product applicable for filtration, sorbents, apparels and drug delivery systems. The substantial benefits of melt blowing are simplicity, high specific productivity and solvent-free operation. Choosing an appropriate combination of polymers with optimized rheological and surface properties, our R&D team have been able to produce melt-blown fibers with an average diameter as small as 0.2 um.

Meltblown cloth, commonly known as the "heart" of the mask, is the filter layer in the middle of the mask, which can filter bacteria and prevent the spread of germs. Meltblown cloth is a kind of film made of high melt index polypropylene, which is composed of many crisscross fibers stacked in random directions. one.



The meltblown fabric can efficiently filtrate micro-particles, virus, bacteria, odor and suspended matters in air. So it's the core part of face mask and protective clothing.  Healthcare workers are exposed to harmful airborne and aerosolized pathogens on a daily basis due to their work environment. The existence of masks and protective clothing can effectively protect the health of medical staff.


The meltblown fabric has characteristics of Absorbency, Bacterial barrier, Cushioning, Filtering, Flame retardancy, Liquid repellency, Resilience, Softness, Sterility, Strength, Stretch, Washability


Non-woven melt blown fabrics are used in a variety of applications, creating products that are used in agricultural, automotive, construction, personal hygiene, roofing, carpeting, upholstery, and medical products, to name just a few examples. Specific examples of the types of products that can be fabricated using non-woven fiber include:

* Filtration, such as HEPA air filters or liquid and gas filter products

* Masks and respirators for medical and industrial use

* Disposable medical garbs, such as gowns, drapes, shoe coverings, and head coverings

* Sanitary products, such as those for feminine hygiene and disposable diapers

* Oil and liquid adsorbents, which are products that contain spills and pick up oil from the water

* Coffee filters and tea bags

* Artificial turf

* Insulating products

* Meat and vegetable packing trays

* Disposable disinfectant wipes

Working Process


1. How many kinds of meltblown fabric do you have?

A: We have BFE95, BFE99, Black BFE99, N95, N99, Type IIR, FFP2 and PPF3 to choose.

2.  What usage of meltblown fabric?
A: The meltblown fabric can be used to fask making, protective suit, surgical suit, air filter, absorbent products, industrial cleaning wipes, etc.
3.  Products parameter and specification?
A: BFE95/BFE99: 25gsm; 30Pa; Width*diameter: 17.5*60cm, 7kg/roll;

B: PFE99/KN95/FFP2: 50gsm; 120Pa; Width*diameter: 26*60CM, 10kg/roll;

4.  How long is the validity period of your meltblown cloth?

A: 1 year;

5. Is your samples free? How many samples can I request at one time?

A: Yes, the sample is freely; We can free for you less than 3kgs meltblown.

6. How long is your delivery time?

(1): <5 tons--5 working days;

(2): <10 tons--10 working days;

(3): <20 tons--20 working days.

7. What is the annual output of your factory?

A: Our annual output is 5,000 tons/year.

8. Why choose us?
(1): We are China Key Anti-epidemic Material Guarantee and Supply Unit.

(2): We have 20+ years experience of meltblown fabric production.

(3): We have 3 factories with 10800M2 area;

(3.1): Fully automatic production line: 23 automatic production lines;

(3.2): Workshop: 4 workshops;

(3.3): Warehouse: 2 warehouse.
9.  Do you have certificate?
(1): Test report: 29;

(2): Product patent certificate: 14;

(3): Certificate: CE, ISO, SGS, NELSON

10. How about your after-sales service?

A: 24-online service. If you have any question, please contact us. We'll do our best to desolve these problems.

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