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When buying a face mask, don’t just look at the appearance. Protection is key

April 27, 2022

Now, there are many printed and dyed masks on the market, which are very popular among consumers, and the monthly sales of online celebrity models are very high. As an epidemic prevention necessity, what kind of mask has the true epidemic prevention function? What should we pay attention to when we buy?


Masks printed with cartoon patterns, especially among young people and children, are usually sold for about one yuan each. Some of these printed masks are labeled as surgical masks, some are disposable respirators, and some don't even have any standards.

A search of "printed masks" and other keywords on the Internet will reveal hundreds of related products for sale, with rich patterns and colors, which have become a "fashion item" in the eyes of many netizens. Some of the hottest models sell more than 100,000 pieces a month. So, in the face of a variety of masks, how should consumers choose?

Experts say choosing masks is not just about their appearance, but whether they are up to the standard of protection. Whether you choose a regular mask or a better-looking one, you must first meet the appropriate standards. Four types of masks are recommended in the Guidelines for the Public and People in Key Occupations: disposable medical masks, surgical masks, particulate matter protective masks, and medical protective masks.

Experts said all four types of masks have certain anti-epidemic functions, and people should check the standard code on the mask packaging before buying.

Disposable surgical masks can be used in environments where the risk level is not very high, such as non-confined environments or environments where people are not very concentrated. Single-use surgical masks are relatively light because of the weather. However, medical-surgical masks or particulate matter protective masks can be used in environments with high risk, relatively narrow and closed Spaces, and crowded and closed environments. The focus of the two masks is not exactly the same, and the particulate protection masks can achieve better filtering efficiency. But if more people are involved, or if there is a possibility of fluid spillage, a surgical mask may be more appropriate.

 If necessary, consumers can choose medical protective masks of a higher level, and families are advised to keep a small number of medical protective masks for use. There are also recommended national standards for children's masks, which parents can choose according to their children's age.

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