Professional Face Mask manufacturers analyze for you, what is better disposable mask or cotton mask

April 09, 2022

In recent years,  With the improvement of China’s medical and health conditions and people’s emphasis on respiratory health in recent years, the role of related mask cloth manufacturers have become more prominent. Affected by market demand, a large number of professional mask cloth manufacturers have emerged to help people The production and life of the country have brought many conveniences. As we all know, our common masks are divided into disposable masks and cotton masks. The functions of the two are the same, but the materials and other aspects are different. Then, which are better secondary masks or cotton masks? The manufacturer-Chengdu shuer medical will analyze it for you.


The professional face mask manufacturer of shuer medical recommends the use of cotton masks. Although the permeability of disposable masks is very good, they can keep warm, can absorb water, can be waterproof, and has flexibility, but compared with cotton masks, disposable masks cannot Cleaning, and because the fibers of disposable masks are arranged in a certain direction, all of them are easier to be torn apart and cannot be restored to their original state; although it seems that the price is cheaper than cotton masks because they cannot be used repeatedly, So it is actually thrown away once used, and the resulting waste of resources and cost is very large.

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