Which masks are suitable for wearing during the epidemic

December 05, 2022

Which masks are suitable for wearing during the epidemic

The common types of masks on the market mainly include Sunscreen thermal masks, decorative masks, medical masks and industrial use masks.

Sunscreen thermal masks and decorative masks are not recommended to wear during epidemic prevention and control.


1) Sunscreen thermal masks

Ice filament sunscreen masks can play a certain role in sun protection when worn in places with strong ultraviolet rays. Wearing thermal masks in autumn and winter can keep warm and beautify the face. However, the porosity of these two kinds of mask materials is large, and they can not protect against viruses.


2) Decorative masks

There are many printed and dyed masks sold online that do not meet the production standards of masks in China. Such masks need to be purchased with caution, and there may be potential hazards.

Although the appearance of such masks is very similar to that of medical surgical masks, their defense against viruses is not enough, which may lead to careless defense.

Such masks are often printed with color ink. If the color fixation effect is not good, the color ink may irritate the facial skin and cause allergy.

Some masks also contain aromatic amine dyes, which are carcinogenic substances and harmful to health.



N95 masks, medical surgical masks and disposable medical masks that meet the national standards have protective functions and meet the epidemic prevention requirements.

From the perspective of epidemic prevention effect of different masks:

N95 masks > Medical surgical masks > Disposable medical masks


3) N95 mask

The medical N95 mask adds a hydrophobic layer on the basis of the particle blocking ability, which can prevent the liquid from splashing, especially when the doctor conducts intubation and other operations, it can play a more effective role in protection.



4) Medical surgical masks

The medical surgical mask also has a filter layer and a hydrophobic layer, which can effectively prevent the infection caused by the splashing of liquid or droplets.



5) Disposable medical masks

This type of mask is generally made of non-woven fabric, which can prevent nasal and oral secretions from polluting, and its protection ability is weaker than that of medical surgical masks.


6) Children's masks

Due to the characteristics of children's skin, respiratory tract and skull structure, there are special masks for children. Children's masks can wrap children's mouth, nose and chin in masks without air leakage. Please select a child mask that meets the standard when purchasing.

How to identify whether masks meet epidemic prevention standards?

If it is difficult to choose and distinguish when purchasing, you can see the code on the mask package. The standard codes of five kinds of masks that meet the epidemic prevention requirements are:

◎ Medical protective mask [GB19083-2010]

◎ Medical surgical mask [YY0469-2011]

◎ Disposable medical mask [YY/T 0969-2013]

◎ Daily protective respirator [GB/T 32610-2016]

◎ Children's mask [GB/T 38880-2020]



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